Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Review - Big Game

Big Game is a action-adventure film, directed and co-written by Jamari Helander. The film stars Samuel L. Jackson, Onmi Tommila, Jim Broadbent and Ray Stevenson.

Big Game is a crazy film, when i first saw the trailer for it i was amazed it was a real film. The film is about Oskari (Tommila), a 13 year old, when you turn 13 in his family, you have to go into the forest and hunt, while The President of the United States (Jackson)  has crashed in the same forest thanks to Air Force One exploding, so a very cowardly President is defended by a 13 year old.

This film was so weird, it seems very cheap, had silly dialogue and a predictable plot, but this film was a lot of fun, somehow this just works when it shouldn't!

Jackson was very funny in this role as The President going against type and playing such a weak character which made it that much more comical but being weak was his only characterization but i don't think that's a problem in this film because it is a simple silly film and that's all that it is meant to be. Tommila is also good in the film and it must of been hard for him, for most of the film he is talking in English which isn't his first language but you still understand everything that he says, his character has a nice little arc in the film and its nice to see such a young action hero which we don't tend to get often.

I only had a few problems with the film, firstly the main villain is very weak and didn't seem like a threat at all, which means there isn't a lot of suppense and secondly i think that the film should of focused on being a kids film than try  to appeal to everyone, i think that it could of been such a fun kids film with a really nice message for children, but because the film has some violence and swear words that don't further the story it couldn't.

Big Game is a fun movie, but that's it really, it's nothing special but is a good time at the movies, i recommend you give it a watch

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