Monday, 12 October 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "The Lone Cyborg"

"The Lone Cyborg" is the second episode of One Punch Man and it is just as amazing as the first, the episode introduces us to the other main character in the show, Genos, a cyborg teenager, who is seeking to become a hero.
Genos is the centre of attention in the episode, in the first half of the episode Genos fights the aptly named Mosquito Girl, a woman who could control mosquito's, this fight features some awesome action and we find out what Genos can really do, he has powers a lot like Iron Man, which was cool to see. The hilarious part of this story was that Saitama wasn't saving the city because he was distracted by one mosquito... One Punch Man couldn't kill one mosquito which was so funny, especially Saitama's facial expressions during the episode.
Its great there is another character in the show so that we can have fights were we don't know what the outcome will be and can have an awesome fight instead of it being over in one punch! This fight really gives an insight to how important being a hero is to Genos, when he thinks he has lost the battle he tries to self-destruct so he can take out Mosquito Girl with him, which is very heroic.
Of course thankfully Saitama comes in at the end of the fight to end things and slaps Mosquito Girl into oblivion!

Genos in "The Lone Cyborg"
The latter half of the episode was even better than the first part, it started with Genos telling Saitama his origins, which is another funny scene, Genos does a monologue explaining how he became a cyborg and Saitama is just bored livid.
Saitama's reaction to Genos' origins
The fight between Saitama/Genos and The House of Evolution was fantastic, the mix of action and humour was perfect and they didn't take away from each other and the fight was surprisingly gory, Saitama punching Beast King was incredibly graphic and great, so glad they aren't censoring this show. The episode also left on a bit of a cliffhanger, with Saitama and Genos questioning someone from The House of Evolution for information.
Saitama about to kick Beast King's ass
"The Lone Cyborg" was a great introduction to Genos and a great second episode of a great show, I can't wait for the next episode!

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