Sunday, 29 March 2015

Review - Get Hard

Get Hard is a comedy film, directed by Etan Cohen and stars Will Ferrell, Kevin Hart, Alison Brie, Edwina Findley and Craig T. Nelson.

When a new Will Ferrell film comes out, i tend to get very excited because he is a very rare comedic talent, his characters in film are usually the best thing about the film and transcend the film itself, with characters like Ron Burgundy, Ricky Bobby and Buddy the Elf, but he also doesn't have the best track record, and unfortunately Get Hard is another one of his forgettable films that is easy to miss.

The plot for Get Hard is very simple, James King (Ferrell) gets stitched up and gets sentenced to jail for 10 years in a maximum security prison, he runs into Darnell (Hart) a car washer, who James thinks has been to jail, simply because he is black, he asks Darnell to teach him how to survive in prison in exchange for $30,000, because Darnell is having money troubles he accepts even though he has never been to jail.
So the whole film is Darnell teaching James to toughen up, through various methods involving getting into fights, joining gangs and more degrading things you may have to do while in jail...

The most important thing in a comedy film is the humor itself, so how is it? It's incredibly low brow, all the jokes consist of jail rape and being a criminal because your black.
Saying this though, the jokes still hit, i was laughing all throughout the film thanks to Ferrell and Hart who are always trying in the film thankfully, especially Hart in a scene where he is playing several characters at one time. Lots of the other actors don't hit as hard, especially T.I who plays Hart's cousin Russell, who i didn't find funny at all, speaking of the supporting cast, most of them were wasted especially the hilarious Alison Brie, from Community, who they just make into a gold digging bitch in the film with no substance at all, Craig T. Nelson plays Brie's father and Ferrell's boss who is also not given anything to do, the only supporting member who was used well at all was Edwina Findley, who plays Hart's wife, who is the smart and level minded one in the couple who has a few stand-out moments.

Get Hard is a forgettable yet funny comedy film with two great leads that without them this film wouldn't have worked at all, the film is offensive and racist and i don't think they pushed the boundaries enough to be anything really different. Get Hard wasn't hard enough

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