Saturday, 20 July 2013

Review - The World's End

The World's End is a British Sci-Fi, Comedy, directed by Edgar Wright, it's his fourth feature film and his third in the "Cornetto Trilogy" with Simon Pegg and Nick Frost.

The World's End is about Will (Simon Pegg) reuniting with his childhood friends, played by Nick Frost, Martin Freeman, Paddy Considine and Eddie Marsan, after twenty years to repeat a legendary pub crawl from their youth (which they originally failed) returning to their hometown once again to attempt to reach the fabled pub "The World’s End" but their hometown isn't as they remembered it.

I thought this film was great, it had the same feel that the other Cornetto films have and that's a good thing, Edgar Wright is a great director, the angles he uses with his shots and the transitions that are putting the shots together are very quick and fast and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are as good as ever, i wasn't enjoying Frost's character at the start, but throughout the movie he blossoms into a drunken hulk! Pegg's character could grate on you because of his character's repetitiveness but i didn't mind it and thought he was very amusing.
The supporting cast were very solid also, Freeman, Considine and Marsan were interesting characters with a little background and funny characteristics, the love interest played by Rosamund Pike, was okay, she didn't have a lot going for her and most of her funny moments were from other characters in the scene.

The story is very interesting and there is a lot of mystery about what is happening in this town and why everyone is acting so strange, it's a pretty straight forward plot, going from pub to pub, but it's the conversation between the cast and the mystery that really keeps it going, the thing i enjoyed the most about the film was the fight scenes, they were so fluid and fast and extremely interesting, i was on the edge of my seat, some of the best hand to hand combat I've seen in film. The tone of the film changes frequently, from a comedic scene to a fight scene to an emotional scene, but it doesn't feel forced it feels very natural which Edgar Wright is great at.

The main problem i see with the film is the ending and i could tell it wasn't going to bea good ending because of how panicky and crazy everything got near the ending, it was a decent ending but didn't live up to the rest of the film.

I thought The World's End was a funny film, with great action and an interesting plot, a great way to finish off the "Cornetto Trilogy" and i'd be very welcomed with more films from these three.


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