Sunday, 31 January 2016

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 28 & 29

Dragon Ball Super had a huge problem when it started airing last year, 
the fact that it was going to adapt 2 of the films which are rather recent and are far superior than the adaption the anime was trying to do, so thankfully with both films now adapted we can get onto new material! And we do in these first two episodes of the Champa arc.

The arc begins with Goku and Vegeta training (of course) with Whis in weighted down suits doing pushups, Whis is disappointed by the fact that they can only do 50,000! This all gets interrupted when Champa and Vados arrive on Beerus' planet. Champa and Vados are splitting images of Beerus and Whis except that Champa is very fat and Vados is a female. We find out that they are from another universe, universe 6, and that the universe that Goku and Vegeta are on is Universe 7, Whis explains that there are 13 universes and each of them have a partner planet which is rather sinilar to the other planet, which universe 6 & 7 are to each other. Champa has a rivalry with Beerus and after eating food from Earth and finding out that his universe's Earth was destroyed years ago challenges Beerus to a fight for this Earth. They decide to host a tournament for the Earth, having 5 fighters each.

We also find out that there are Super Dragon Balls which can fulfill any wish you desire with no limits, which Champa has 6 of 7, Beerus wants to use the Dragon Balls for some unknown reason, thats why he agreed to the tournament. 

Whis explaining the 13 universes 
Beerus asks Goku and Vegeta to be on his team, still needing 3 members Beerus says he has one more person he wants to join, Monaka, who is the toughest opponent he has ever fought, leaving Goku incredibly excited at the idea of someone else who is stronger than him.

Beerus needs to find the last Super Dragon Ball so asks for Bulma to help track it down, Bulma has the smart idea of gathering the normal Dragon Balls and asking Shenron to reveal the location of it, but when they ask Shenron after Beerus demands that Vegeta gets them is that he cannot find their location because it is not within his powers, amusingly Beerus calls Shenron useless and tells him to go away. Bulma creates a Super Dragon Ball radar to track down the last Ball, but they will have to go the center of the universe to find it.

Vados and Champa
Speaking of the Super Dragon Balls, Champa and Vados are creating the tournament arena on a random planet and bring the 6 Super Dragon Balls they have in their possession, and they are as big as a planet! I never expected them to be that big.

We also get introduced to Tights, Bulma's older sister that was introduced in Jaco's manga a few years ago, Bulma wants Jaco's help to find the Super Dragon Ball so needs to ask Tights to ask Jaco.
Bulma's sister Tights
The most interesting thing about these two episodes for me are who the other members of Beerus' team be? I would imagine Gohan would be one of them because he is the strongest person after Goku and Vegeta, maybe Piccolo too?

I'm very glad that a original arc has started when i don't know what is going to happen next, makes me much more excited for Dragon Ball Super!

What did you think of these 2 episodes of Dragon Ball Super?
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