Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 30 & 31

Episode 30 of Dragon Ball super is a bad episode, pure and simple, it relies on flashback of prior
episodes to fill the runtime, including footage from last week's episode, did we really need a reminder of events that happened an episode ago?

There were little bits of story progression in the middle of the flashback scenes, Goku and Vegeta are trying to find 2 more fighters to join them in Beerus team for the tournament against Champa's team. Buu gets one of the spots after Goku says that he'll let Buu have a wish from the Super Dragon Balls, which Buu cutely gives to Mr. Satan. They also go to see Piccolo who is training Gohan, Gohan says that he'd join the team, but annoyingly goes back on his word, because he has some conference on the same day, even though he just decided that he needs to get stronger and this would be the best thing for it. I hope they give something to Gohan to do soon. A cool little thing they talked about in the episode is that Kid Buu got reincarnated into a human boy, which we all know as Uub from the last episode of Dragon Ball Z and GT, which was a nice shoutout. Otherwise this episode is pretty much a waste of time and a filler episode. Wasn't impressed at all.

Episode 31 wasn't a vast improvement, but it was still better than the previous, in this episode, Bulma wants to find the last super dragon ball and enlists Jaco for help. Jaco tells Bulma about Lord Zuno, who lives at the centre of the universe and seems to know everything. When they get to him they have to kiss him on the cheek to get him to ask their question, Jaco wastes his question on Bulma's bra mesurements to show that Lord Zuno is always correct (supposedly Bulma's breasts are sagging!) Bulma asks about the super dragon balls, and we find out that a dragon God, called Zarama created them and that they appear as stars because they're so large, annoyingly Bulma wastes her other two wishes so doesn't find out where the final super dragon ball is, meaning their whole trip was a waste because they failed to do the one thing they needed, and we found out no important information. Which disappointingly makes this episode just feel like a filler episode. I did like how Jaco was a main focus of the episode because i think he is a fun character and having Bulma back in the centre of the story brings back the feeling of the original Dragon Ball but unfortunately the story wasn't there.

I was very disappointed by these two episodes hoping for a new interesting arc after the last two movie adaptions, i'm sure my interest in the arc will pick right back up again when we meet the fighters in the tournament next week!

What did you think of episodes 30 & 31?
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