Friday, 29 May 2015

Review - Man Up

Man Up is the new British Romantic-Comedy film starring Simon Pegg and Lake Bell, directed by Ben Palmer.
The film is about Nancy (Bell) who is unlucky in love, she gets mistaken for a stranger's blind date, Jack (Pegg) and decides to play along and ends up falling for him.

My problem with romantic comedies is that the stories are always predictable, you always know whats going to happen because they all follow a similar formula, so its all about the execution, how the Director tells the story, and i'm glad to say Man Up is a good romantic comedy.
The film succeeds mostly because of the charming chemistry and performances between Simon Pegg and Lake Bell.
Lake Bell is center stage in the film, playing a very vulnerable and beaten down character, yet she still has a positive outlook on her depressing situation, which is very hard to play. I've been a fan of Bell since i saw her in the HBO series How To Make It In America, and since then she has been taking great steps in her career showing how versatile she is. In the film she is donning a very convincing British accent that is flawless and so hard to tell that she is actually American! 

Simon Pegg was also brilliant in the film, he plays Jack, a 40 year old divorcee who seems to be still getting over his ex. Pegg lowered all his defenses, which i haven't seen him do before in any other film, but he was also his usual funny and charming self for most of the film,
The chemistry between the two was very cute, the film did a very good job of showing that these two are perfect for each-other, using film references and previous experiences to make the audience want these two to be a couple by the end of the film.

The side characters were all very well written and weaved into the story but one nearly stole the show from the main characters, Sean, played by Rory Kinnear.
Sean is a character from Nancy's past who has been obsessed with her since childhood, the character is creepy and disgusting and that's what made him so funny, there are a few things he does/says which are laugh out loud moments and are the funniest in the film.
Ophelia Lovibond is also in the film as Jessica, an annoying uplifting girl who was the one that was supposed to go on the date with Jack, the character isn't in the film much but is very memorable in the scenes that she is in.

Man Up is a small British romantic comedy which is still predictable but is very interesting in the way it does the familiar formula, with a great lead couple and very funny side characters, and recommend the film to anyone that is a fan of the genre.

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