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Review - Spy

Spy is an American comedy action film directed by Paul Feig (Bridesmaids & The Heat) and stars Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham and Rose Byrne.
"Susan Cooper is an unassuming, deskbound CIA analyst, and the unsung hero behind the Agency's most dangerous missions. But when her partner falls off the grid and another top agent is compromised, she volunteers to go deep undercover to infiltrate the world of a deadly arms dealer, and prevent a global crisis." 

I wasn't looking forward to this film because i thought it'd be another Melissa McCarthy comedy and after her last few films i got tired of her usual gimmicks, but i'm happy to say that McCarthy really impressed me in this role and convinced me she was a awesome spy! McCarthy's character goes through a lot in this film and while she is developing so does her comedy, she gets funnier throughout the film with the difficult situations she gets in. 
The story is pretty predictable and the premise really reminded me of the 2008 film, Get Smart, but Spy is a much better film than that. This film is incredibly funny, i had laughing fits a few times throughout the film, mostly thanks to the great supporting cast of characters who bounce off McCarthy.
Jude Law plays Bradley Fine, the superstar at the CIA and who Susan looks up to and has a huge crush on. Law serves the role well but i would've cast someone else in the role, Law is one of my favourite actors and i love his normal English accent, but for some reason they made him have a cheesy American accent, which annoyed me slightly because they could've easily let him have his normal accent, but thats just a nitpick really.
Every Spy film needs a great villain and they delivered with Rose Byrne's Rayna Boyanov, lots of the humour in the film comes from McCarthy and Byrne's conversations in the film, Rayna Boyanov is a very mean yet honest person so says what is on her mind all the time, which tends to be incredibly insulting things about McCarthy's looks, which was really funny especially when McCarthy would insult her back, Byrne is such an underdog in comedy, she has been amazing in films like Bad Neighbours and Bridesmaids and deserves a lot more work, she is incredibly versatile in these roles.
British comedian Miranda Hart in the film plays, Nancy Artingstall, McCarthy's best friend in the film, Hart was my main let down in the film, i'm not the biggest fan of Miranda's type of comedy and it really grated on me in the film because she has a surprisingly big part, but it was also really nice to see a small actress like her in such a big film!
The best supporting member of the cast is Jason Statham, who absolutely kills it in the film as the arrogant and cocky spy, Rick Ford. Statham was perfectly cast in the film, his role relies on someone like him who is always in big action films doing cool ridiculous things, Statham is joking about himself in the film and it is hands down the best part of it, stealing any scene that he is in.
Paul Feig, the Director & Writer on the film really shines in this film, behind the camera, he is a master of comedy and he exceeds in this film and also surprised me with how well he can do other types of genre, the action in this film is thrilling, the fight choreography and how it is filmed is very well done and the car chase in the film is fun and crazy at the same time which i imagine is very hard to do. Another thing that Feig does really well is this truly feels like a Spy film even though its a comedy, from the catchy James Bond like opening credits to the globetrotting and exotic cars, everything that you want in a Spy film is here.

Spy is a great spy film and a great comedy film, McCarthy excels in the role and the supporting cast is fantastic. I recommend seeing this film just for Statham!

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