Saturday, 27 June 2015

Review - Knock Knock

Only Knock Knock can make the most beautiful women look utterly terrifying.

Knock Knock is the new Eli Roth directed horror/thriller film, starring Keanu Reeves, Lorenza Izzo & Ana De Armas.

The film is about Evan Webber (Reeves) an architect and happily married husband, who has the house to himself for a few days while his wife and kids have a family holiday planned which he couldn't attend because of work, one night two beautiful women (Izzo & Armas) knock at his door and attempt to ruin his life.

I haven't seen many films like this, i'm not the biggest horror buff, but i'm sure this film isn't like the conventional horror film, the story is rather simple, with only a small cast and focused in one location, but the 'scary' part of the film comes from two of the most attractive women I've ever seen, i think this was a nice change from the normal horror tropes like monsters/ghosts haunting someone, or ugly disfigured people, instead having these two young, attractive girls was a very fresh change for me. Its also such a weird juxtaposition, these two lovely looking people to be so evil inside.  Eli Roth does a great job of ramping up the horror in the film, leading to a truly terrifying finale.

I don't tend to care much about the story in a horror film if the scares are done well and that applied to this film, but thankfully this also has an engaging story within it, but the reasoning for these girls to be so evil was a bit weak, i feel like the film was trying to tell the audience a message about men, and it didn't work.

Lorenza Izzo, Keanu Reeves & Ana De Armas in Knock Knock.
The tone of the film has a very traditional horror/thriller feel at first, but with the addition of Keanu Reeves who is chewing on the scenery it becomes almost a comedy with some of his overacting, sometimes it was actually distracting from the rest of the film. I thought that the two female leads were great, they both had two basically play two characters, as they drastically change throughout the film and both Ana De Armas & Lorenza Izzo do it flawlessly, and i know i keep on repeating how beautiful they are but that was also a important part of their performances, they had to be both sexy and threatening at the same time.

Knock Knock is a good horror film, mostly thanks to the two female leads who have to counter Keanu's cheesy acting, the horror is great and will have you stressing out as you fear for Keanu's life!

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