Monday, 7 September 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 9

On this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, the guests at Bulma's party find out some surprising revelations!

This episode was pretty straightforward but enjoyable, focusing on the gang founding out what how to awake the Super Saiyan God.

At the start of the episode, the Z fighters get all of the Dragon Balls together and awaken Shenron to ask him where the Super Saiyan God is. When Shenron appears he sees Beerus and is scared by him! The mighty Shenron intimidated by Beerus' mere appearance, once again showing how strong and godly Beerus truly is.

Shenron reveals that any Saiyan can become a god, you need to gather 6 Saiyan's and focus their heart into one of them, the problem that the Z fighters have is that there are only 5 Saiyan's! Goku, Vegeta, Gohan, Goten and Trunks... until Videl reveals that she is pregnant which means that there are now 6! Its a bit weird being able to gather energy from a foetus in a womb but its Dragon Ball!

The 6 of them form a circle and hold hands while focusing on Goku and after several minutes charging he transforms into the awesome looking Super Saiyan God, the music was really good in this scene and made Goku's transformation feel like a real event which is great, when Goku would get a new form in Dragon Ball Z it was incredibly epic and are some of the most iconic scenes in all of Dragon Ball histroy, while not getting to that level, it was nice for them to try. When Beerus sees Goku in is new form he is surprised and is reminded of his dream about the Super Saiyan God.
The Saiyan's giving all of their heart to Goku

The only negative in the episode was the Pilaf parts, i really like the character and his comic relief but it felt so unneeded in this episode.

Can't wait for next weeks episode when Goku and Beerus while face off! Hopefully Goku will keep up with Beerus this time!

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