Monday, 28 September 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 12

On this week's episode of Dragon Ball Super, Goku & Beerus' fight is having effects all over the universe!

Once again this week's episode focuses on the fight between Goku and Beerus, so there isn't a lot to talk about. After what happened in the last episode, Goku is stronger than ever and now on par with Beerus which is crazy to see, the show really hyped up their powers, every-time Goku and Beerus clashed this episode the universe was cracking and the effects were felt all across the universe, thats how powerful these beings are!

By the end of the episode both Goku and Beerus have blasted energy waves at each other, but doesn't tell us if they both got affected or not, a strange cliffhanger because we know that both will survive.

Beerus & Goku clashing!

When not showing the main fight there were several different funny scenes, one with Mr. Satan pretending that he was what was causing the earth shaking and the elder Kai being a gigantic pervert, it was nice to see these additions because its nice to have a breather from the fight.

The animation was great this episode, the animators really stepped their game up for this one, it just helps the show if the animation is better so hopefully they'll keep it up!

I hope next week they conclude the Goku/Beerus fight because i feel its getting overlong and i'm excited to see what'll happen after!


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