Sunday, 4 October 2015

Review - Doctor Who: "Under The Lake"

In this week's episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor and Clara arrive in the TARDIS to an underwater
mining facility in Scotland 2119, where a group of the facility are getting harassed by G-g-g-ghosts?!

"Under The Lake" felt like a classic Who episode and a welcomed calm down after last season's finale and this season's 2 week premiere, it was one of those fun episodes where The Doctor and Clara randomly go to a location and help solve a mystery.
This episode the TARDIS took them to an underwater base, that's crew is getting killed off by ghosts. The interesting thing about the crew is the fact that the Captain is deaf and has a translator on board to translate everything for her, its a minor detail but a cool one.
The main focus in the episode is the mystery behind the ghosts, are ghosts real? Why are they here? what do they keep saying? The revelations found out are great and the writers still kept some for the next episode which is part 2 of this story.

The Ghosts in "Under The Lake"
The Doctor has tons of great moments this episode, best of all was his cue cards he has for when he is rude, he has templates to apologize which was fantastic, his rudeness to the corporate head in the facility was also a great moment.
Clara didn't have a lot to do this episode, sometimes the writers have a hard time finding things for her to do, in this episode she seems very excited for adventure, maybe too excited, one of the best scenes in the episode was the Doctor telling Clara to calm down and not get so excited about the adventures, because she is being dangerous, i think the Doctor can tell Clara is distracting herself with adventures so she doesn't have to think about her real life.

The twist at the end of the episode was great, i saw it coming but it was really cool and haunting to see The Doctor as a ghost, it'll be interesting to see how that happened in next week's episode "Before The Flood"

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