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Review - Doctor Who: "The Girl Who Died"

On this week's episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor and Clara get taken by Vikings!
This episode is arguably the most anticipated this season because of the appearance of Maisie Williams of Game of Thrones fame, her character was promised to be unique and someone that would have a big impact in Doctor Who lore, so obviously i was very excited for this episode, while i still enjoyed the episode, it wasn't the barnburner i thought it'd be.

"The Girl Who Died" is one of the lighter episodes so far this season, with The Doctor and Clara having to help a clan of Vikings defeat an alien race called The Mire, it was a very simple and fun story, involving some funny scenes with The Doctor and his yo-yo, they also reintroduced that The Doctor understands baby talk, which was an interesting addition to the episode and helped the Doctor have some confidence in his situation.
But the most interesting part of the episode was the character Ashildr, Maisie William's character, she is a youngster amongst the viking clan that has a vivid imagination, she creates puppets when she is scared and loves to tell stories and seemed to have a connection with The Doctor when they first interact.
Ashildr is also the namesake of the episode, she is "The Girl Who Died" and when she dies in the confrontation between the vikings and The Mire at the near the end of the episode, thats when it really picks up. The Doctor hates seeing people he is trying to protect die and its been happening a lot to him lately, by far my favourite part of the episode was the realisation of why the 12th Doctor regenerated with the face of the man the 10th Doctor saved in the "Fires of Pompeii" episode (when Peter Capaldi guest starred in an episode), to once again break all the rules (as he did just last episode) and revive Ashildr. 

Ashildr in "The Girl Who Died"

I'm very excited to see what happens next with Ashildr, with The Doctor making her basically immortal, i wonder what she'll be like next time we see her? As the Doctor says in the episode, immortality isn't all its cracked up to be, everyone you ever loved will grow old and die in front of you, like the brilliant shot at the end of the episode with Ashildr staring off into the distance with a smile on her face while the world changes around her, her happy smile turns into a frown. I love the potential that this character has for future appearances.

I feel like i'm saying it every episode but once again Capaldi is incredible in the episode, easily transitioning from comic relief to sadness and anger so easily, my favourite part of his performance this week was when he decides to save Ashildr and shouts "I'm the Doctor and I save people!" it perfectly captured what the Doctor is.

"The Girl Who Died" wasn't the game-changer i thought it would be but it was still a great one, thanks to Capaldi's performance of The Doctor elevating each episode and the interesting addition of Maisie William's Ashildr, i am eagerly awaiting next episode!

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