Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "The Modern Ninja"

In this week's episode of One Punch Man, we are introduced to Sonic and Mumen Rider and Saitama gets a rival!

"The Modern Ninja" mostly focuses on new character Sonic, a ninja bodyguard, who is as faster than the speed of sound! When a new bad guy, Hammerhead, and his gang called Paradise Group are terrorising the city protesting that people shouldn't have to work, Sonic confronts them and destroys the whole group by decapitating ALL of them! Which was awesome, unfortunately they censored the beheadings by taking out the blood, but otherwise it was awesome looking.
I really like Sonic as a character, he is very cool looking and loves to fight, he also has bloodlust and loves to kill which makes for a badass character.
Sonic being awesome
But of course Saitama needs to get involved also, the whole of Paradise Group is bald and Saitama didn't want to be associated with them, after easily dealing with Hammerhead, we get a great fight between Saitama and Sonic and hilariously finishes in a punch to the balls, Ouch! Sonic leaves vowing to defeat Saitama next time they see each-other, i love the rival aspect these two now have, its a great dynamic to have between two characters. Another funny moment in the fight was the look on Saitama's face after saying his name because Sonic didn't know who he is, which was laugh out loud funny.
Near the end of the episode we learn about the Hero Association, a group where you sign up to take a real job as a hero of the city, just like Mumen Rider who was introduced in this episode, who hilariously fails at defeating Hammerhead, this is a great addition to the story because it introduces a whole new aspect where interesting stories can happen.

"The Modern Ninja" is another great episode of One Punch Man thanks to the incredibly funny moments mixed with the insanely cool action scenes and great characters.
Can't wait for the next episode!

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