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Review - Legend

Legend is a British crime thriller directed by Brian Helgeland and stars Tom Hardy playing dual roles as the Kray Twins, Emily Browning, Christopher Eccleston, Taron Egerton and David Thewlis.
The film is about the life of the Kray Twins and is adapted from The Profession of Violence: The Rise and Fall of the Kray Twins. 

Legend entirely depends on Tom Hardy and his portrayal of both Kray Twins and thankfully Hardy fully delivers, he is completely different as Ronnie and Reggie.

In a nice twist to the biopic genre, the story is told through Reggie's girlfriend and eventual wife, Frances, she narrates the film which is interesting for one of the side characters to be telling the story to the audience. The story is the conventional rise and fall narrative that always tends to happen in gangster biopics' and it is very engaging because the Krays led such an interesting life, i didn't know a lot about the Kray's before this film so i don't know how accurate the film truly was to the real story. While the film is engaging and interesting the film just seems like lots of scenes strung together.

Tom Hardy as Ronnie and Reggie Kray

The best thing about Legend is the cast, this may honestly be Hardy's best performance yet, at one point in the film i forgot hardy was playing both characters, it really felt like two different actors playing completely different parts. Emily Browning was great as Francis Shea was great, her chemistry with both characters Hardy was playing was brilliant and gave a very moving performance.
Christopher Eccleston doesn't have a lot to do as Detective Leonard Reed, he isn't in the film too much and really doesn't have a big impact in the story at all, you always need a cop character in gangster films but unfortunately this character didn't work.
Kingsman star Taron Egerton plays one of Ronnie's lackies, Edward Smith, he was hilarious in the role and was mostly used for comic relief, this is his first role since Kingsman and he shines here again.
David Thewlis plays the Kray's manager, Leslie Payne, a very important person in the Kray's regime, and Thewlis plays him very well, i really like Thewlis, he never phones it in and this film is no exception.

Legend is a really good film about one of the most notorious gangster's in Britain, especially the performances which are top class.


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