Thursday, 16 July 2015

Recap & Review: Gangsta - "Ergastulum"

GANGSTA ANIME POSTERIn this week's episode called "Ergastulum" we learn more about Worick, past and present, while Alex helps out Nicolas on a job.

The episode opens on Worwick having a nightmare of a flashback from his childhood, we see young Worwick surrounded by his dead family crying, we later find out that 22 years ago, someone massacred Worwick's whole family. In the flashback the murderer looks like Nicolas and is hinted as such, but we will see about that, if it was him that killed Worwick's family that's a really interesting relationship for the two to have.
We also find out that Worwick is a gigolo and has been since he was 13, this was a strange job for Worwick to have, and makes Worwick a very confusing character for me to get my head around, it seems like he could quit doing that job but maybe he enjoys the job!

While Worwick is being a gigolo, Nicolas and Alex are delivering drugs to several people, i really feel like Alex is playing the part of the audience, she keeps asking questions to Nicolas about him and Worwick and the business and not getting any answers at all, which is how i feel as the audience! An interesting thing that Alex notices is that both Worwick and Nicolas have a "Tribal" tattoo, she looks worried when she sees the tattoos so this adds even more questions to be answered!

The most interesting part of their story is when they are delivering drugs to Worwick's former work place, a brothel, we find out the drugs they are delivering are for Twilights, i'm not sure exactly how they help the twilights, but it's an interesting reveal, do the drugs give twilights the powers? enhance their powers? or help them with any pains that Twilights seem to get? i'm looking forward to finding all of this out.
Alex asks Worwick and Nicolas why they are always walking through backstreets and not the main roads, we find out why at the brothel, because the public hate Twilights it seems and in my favourite scene of the episode, a prostitute says how disgusting Twilights are when she sees Nicolas, Worwick gets so angry he threatens to kill her, it really showed how strong the relationship between Worwick and Nicolas is and showed a side to Nicolas that we haven't seen before.
Worwick threatening the prostitute 
I thought this episode was great and my favourite episode so far, the pacing was slower this episode but it led to a lot of interesting questions and reveals about Worwick and his past.

What did you think of this episode of Gangsta?
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