Thursday, 23 July 2015

Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Nonconformist"

In Gangsta's best episode yet, we learn more about Worwick & Nicolas' past while there is a new twilight causing havoc in Ergastulum.

The first half of this episode starts with, Chad calling Worwick and Nicolas in for questioning about mass murders that are happening in District 6, we find out that Worwick has a photographic memory and provides some useful tips to help Chad out. I thought these scenes were really interesting, with Worwick helping out all he could. We see a quick flashback of Worwick as a child with Chad consoling him, which shows how long these two have known each-other and have a father/son relationship. 

Alex is thinking of leaving Nicolas and Worwick after what the old woman said to her last episode, but she is then interrupted by hallucinations of Barry, her ex pimp, which i think will make her stay a bit longer after remembering what a horrible life she used to lead. This was just a quick scene in the episode and doesn't amount to much it was nice to see Alex in the episode.

The second half of the episode is focused on a gang war that is happening involving Monroe, he phones and asks for Worwick and Nicolas to come and help them, Monroe's gang deals with all of the opposition thanks to Delico who is revealed later to be a Twilight, but then a child appears and starts killing all of Monroe's gang, and is also a Twilight (i'm guessing he is the murderer going around), luckily Nicolas gets there just in time and he and this new Twilight member are about to fight!... and that's the end of the episode, what a cliffhanger.
Delico protecting Monroe
Even with all of that in the episode there was also shown flashbacks to when Worwick met Nicolas, before Worwick's family were murdered, we don't get the full story but we see when they both met each other and became friends, the flashbacks were interesting to see and hopefully they will continue into the next episode.

This was my favourite episode yet, i can't wait for next week!

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