Sunday, 12 July 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 2

Dragon Ball Super kept the small comedic story-lines this week but also set up the threat of the main villain of the first arc.

The episode picked up where last week left off with Goku going to train on King Kai's planet, nothing really happens here and just makes for some funny interactions between Goku and King Kai, but that's pretty much it for this story-line this episode.
The main plot this week revolves around Vegeta on a family vacation, it was nice to see Vegeta because he was missing last episode, this story-line was also mostly comedic but had some heart in it also and helped develop Vegeta, seeing Vegeta having to put up with Bulma and Trunks going on rides and trying on all kinds of clothes was hilarious, the perfect situation for Vegeta to be in for hilarity to ensue, but the heart of the episode really came when we found out why Vegeta said he would go on the holiday in the first place, it was a promise he made Trunks in a episode of Dragon Ball Z, this was a nice reference back to this moment and showed that Vegeta really loves his son.

Beerus & Whis
The second half of the episode mostly  revolved around Beerus and Whis, Whis is sent to a planet by Beerus to get him some food, Whis gets into a row with an alien, Beerus end up coming to the planet to see what the hold up was and ends up getting into a fight with the alien, it wasn't much of a fight really, it consisted mostly of Beerus dodging the alien's attacks and then quickly killing him, it showed off Beerus' fighting prowess though, and he looks like he can really hold his own in a fight. Beerus then of course destroys the planet, the animation for the destruction of the planet looked great, they used some CGI which really went well with the 2D animation, Beerus also sees another vision of the being he wants to fight and is revealed to be The Super Saiyan God. 

I still think its weird how they are rehashing the newest movie story-lines because we ultimately know whats going to happen but hopefully they do it slightly different so it still remains interesting to the people that have already seen the movies, 

This episode really set up where we will be going in this arc, there was some great humour with Vegeta's story and some cool action with Beerus, i'm excited to see whats going to happen next!

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