Sunday, 5 July 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 1

When it was revealed that another Dragon Ball anime was coming out i was ecstatic, Dragon Ball was my childhood and watching new content now is something i never thought would happen. The newest DB movie, Battle of Gods was great and introduced some really interesting new characters that fits perfectly into the DB universe. But i'm glad there is even more content now available.

This opening episode of DB Super was a great re-introduction to the DB world, catching up with most of our main characters, while nothing monumental happen, we had small stories that familiarized ourselves with the characters and set up some new threats.

In this episode we followed several different plot-lines, firstly Chi-Chi is making Goku work because they need some money. This story was very comedic, Goten comes to give Goku his lunch and lets Goten work instead of him while he trains.

The 2nd big story-line of this episode was Goten and Trunks finding an engagement present for Videl and Gohan, this was my favourite part of the episode because of how cute and funny it was, it also provided us with the only action scene of the episode, when Goten and Trunks have to fight a giant snake, it was a cool little fight but nothing special. The ending was very charming, with Goten and Trunks giving Videl water for her engagement present, thinking it was beauty cream and Videl accepts it knowing its water.

Mr. Satan had a small story-line that connected to Goku's story,Mr Satan wins money for saving the world from Kid Buu (even though Goku really defeated him) and Mr. Satan gives the money to Goku so he doesn't have to work anymore and can train all time.

We also got introduced to Beerus again, he first appeared in the film Battle of Gods, but it seems the anime is going to retell the story of the latest two films. Beerus wasn't as funny as he was in the film because he was getting introduced as the villain, hopefully his humour will be added to a later episode.

The animation was brilliant this episode and i hope they keep it up, it looked much better than DB Kai and nearly as good as the films.

Dragon Ball Super was a nice re-introduction to the world and the character and i cannot wait for more to come!

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