Sunday, 19 July 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 3

This weeks episode of Dragon Ball Super had Beerus and Whis finally figure out what Beerus' dream was about and Bulma's birthday party got off to a start.

A lot of this episode revolved around Beerus trying to figure out what his dream was about, a mysterious figure who would pose him a real challenge. To be honest this whole episode felt really dragged out for me, mostly on the Beerus and Whis parts, they just seems to be dragging this plot out, the whole of this episode he was trying to find out who the Super Saiyan God is, he was doing that last episode aswell, maybe its because I've seen the Battle of Gods film which is a lot faster paced, but it felt way too slow this episode, regardless of my criticisms though i really like the characters of Beerus and Whis, they are really comedic and just love to eat, perfect Toriyama characters, 

Beerus & The Oracle Fish
The second half of the episode was mostly about Bulma's birthday party on a cruise ship, it was interesting that the party takes place on a cruise ship while in the film it took place at Bulma's house, it might lead to some more differences between the show and the film which would be great, they might as well change a lot if they are going to rehash the same story again, it was nice to see all the secondary characters back, like Krillen, Yamcha, Tien and Chiaotzu. There was lots of funny moments in this part, Gohan and Videl showing Piccolo their wedding photo, with Piccolo blinking in the photo and him being disappointed with it, its funny to see these tough characters show a softer side and also Vegeta and Goku both not attending the party because they are both training was pretty great.

By the end of the episode Beerus and Whis are on their way to King Kai's planet to go and see the man who defeated Frieza, Son Goku, Beerus looked very surprised when he found out Goku defeated Frieza which ws surprising to see. We also got a cool flashback to Goku vs Frieza, it was newly animated and looked fantastic.

Hopefully we will get a lot more story progression next episode with Beerus and Goku meeting and hopefully having an awesome fight!


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