Thursday, 10 December 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "Unparalleled Peril"

In this week’s episode of One Punch Man, we finally bare witness to Tornado's power and a God level threat befalls City A.
"Unparalleled Peril" was mostly a set-up episode which also had some very interesting and fun moments throughout. 

The episode starts off with Tornando, who we’ve seen before, she’s S-Class rank 2 and seems to have the power to create anything that she wants, from the fight she was having with the dinosaur creature, who claims only a meteor can defeat him, then voila a meteor appears and destroys him! I was surprised that she had such a powerful ability and makes me wonder just how strong the S-Class rank 1 is.

All S-Class heroes get called into the Hero Organisation because Lady Shibabawa (who we saw at the end of the last episode) has died, she was a telepath who predicted when disasters were going to happen, which seems like a very useful power in a world where monsters are always destroying cities! But the reason they were called there was because she predicted one last attack before she died, a big one. The best thing about this scene is that we see all of the S-Class heroes and some of them have the weirdest appearance ever, my favourite being WatchDog-Man, a man in a dog outfit... AND HE IS IN S CLASS?!

Thats when shit hits the fan, the building starts to shake thanks to winged beasts outside causing havoc, until an even bigger monster, a weird five-headed zombie kills the winged beasts and a gigantic ship is revealed over City A. What happens next is great as we see various S-class heroes fighting to protect the city, while Saitama invades the ship and takes out all the aliens that come into his path, the episode ends when he runs into the big bad, Boros!

With only two episodes left i'm expecting big things from these next 2, hopefully this will FINALLY be the boss that gives Saitama a good fight! Heres hoping. 

"Unparalleled Peril" was a great set-up episode of One Punch Man, that has laid the tracks for a fantastic finale. 

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