Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "The Dominator of the Universe"

On this week's exciting episode of One Punch Man, The S Class heroes are fighting Melzagald and Saitama meets Lord Boros!
Thanks to last week's build up episode, we were treated to an episode with a lot of payoff, with a great fight and another about to start.

"The Dominator of the Universe" focuses on two parts, one following Saitama, invading the spaceship that has appeared on top of City A and The S Class heroes fight against Melzagald, one of Boros' lieutenants.

Melzagald was a truly formidable foe for The S Class heroes, because of the fact that he can regenerate his body, which led to The S Class heroes getting incredibly exhausted by having to keep on fighting, luckily Metal Bat, discovers that Melzagald has these marble looking things that are basically his hearts, so the heroes destroy all but one of them until Bang gets a direct hit from Melzagald, thats the last we see of Bang in the episode, i'm hoping he's not dead because i enjoy him as a character, especially his fighting style that we see this episode which is really awesome.
An air strike comes from the spaceship to destroys the heroes but luckily Tornado saves them and directs them back at the ship. It was awesome to see all the heroes working together, the animation for the fight scenes were great which really helped.

Metal Bat!
The other half of the episode focused on Saitama invading Lord Boros' ship, which led to some very funny moments, with Saitama leisurely walking around the ship destroying things, dealing with Geryuganshoop (these aliens have very strange names) who had the power of crushing enemies with increasing the force of gravity around Saitama, of course Saitama doesn't feel a thing, and destroys him by throwing a small rock at Geryuganshoop's head. But the best moment of the episode is when Saitama and Lord Boros meet. Lord Boros starts to monologue so Saitama just whacks him into the wall. Which was great. So another enemy dead right?...
He's still alive?!
BOROS GOT UP! The first enemy that Saitama has faced, that has survived the punch! What a great moment! Boros then explains that his armour which is now broken, thanks to Saitama, is worn to constraint his power because he is so strong! Which means next week we will hopefully get the fight to end all fights in the season finale next week!

There were a few small moments featuring other characters in the episode, we saw Mumen Rider saving people in the destruction of City A which was a nice moment for him and also saw lots of the previous villains (the ones who got away) watching the news about the alien spaceship invasion and Sonic sharpening his katana! Which means hopefully we'll be seeing him next week!

What did you think of "The Dominator of the Universe"?
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