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Review - Krampus

Who knew Krampus would be one of my favourite movie experiences of the year? Not me!
Krampus is a christmas, comedy/horror film, directed by Michael Dougherty and starring Adam Scott,

Toni Collette, David Koechner, Allison Tolman and Emjay Anthony.

Krampus is based on the old German folktale about a horned goat/man creature who is the opposite of Santa Claus, who deals with the children who misbehave. In this iteration of the tale, the story focuses on a dysfunctional family coming together for the holidays, when the family loses their christmas cheer, Krampus comes to teach them a lesson!

This film was so much fun, i had been looking forward to the film since i first heard about it because of its interesting premise and that it was a christmas horror film, which i found rather unique also the character of Krampus (which is becoming hugely popular now) but didn't know how the end product would turn out because big studio horror films tend to disappoint me, but thankfully Krampus surprised me greatly.

The part of the film i liked the most tends to be the weakest in horror films, the characters, i really enjoyed the characters and their personalities, while starting off as stereotypes, the character really come to life as the film goes on and they evolve. I actually grew fond of some of them and didn't want them dying which rarely happens in the horror films i watch because the characters tend to be very stupid.
As i said the film is a horror/comedy and it does very well at being both, the comedy in the film is great, i was laughing constantly throughout the film and most of it comes from the characters conversations, which are very well written, there isn't any slap-stick or silly jokes, they're smart and well thought of. 
I'm not easily scared, so judging a film on its horror, is a bit harder for me, but this film did make me jump several times and while not finding it very scary, i found it very creepy, which i think works just as well. Krampus' minions are some of the creepy things i'm talking of are also rather comedic like the killer gingerbread men! The theme of Christmas is at the center of this film, it has everything that a christmas film needs, heart, family and a message, which is all done very well.

You definitely don't want to open this at Christmas!
My only real complaints is Krampus himself, he is an extremely intimidating monster and is used very well through-out most of the film, but i feel like the film focuses more on Krampus' minions, then Krampus himself, which in the end is slightly disappointing.

Krampus is a fantastically fun horror, comedy film that i will be watching for years to come every Christmas, everyone should go out and see this, you'll definitely have fun!

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