Friday, 4 December 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "Unyielding Justice"

In this week's episode of One Punch Man "Unyielding Justice" we finally get the fight between The
Deep Sea King and Saitama! I wonder who won?...
"Unyielding Justice" had my hopes up after the incredible episode last week, with the first half of this episode being just as good as last week and the second half showing the aftermath, which wasn't as interesting.

The episode kicked off with an awesome fight between Genos and The Deep Sea King, Genos was putting up a good fight, losing an arm in the process, until The Deep Sea King tries to spit acid on a little girl, which Genos steps in front of, dissolving Genos body, which looked horrible, truly a scary image, but a great moment for Genos. It's annoying that Genos never get to win i fight because Saitama always get to defeat them, i hope at some point in the future he'll finally defeated a big opponent.
But the real MVP of the episode was Mumen Rider, the Class C hero, who has no super power and attacks with his bicycle... When he entered the scene he threw his bike at The Deep Sea King, doing no damage at all, which made me laugh, while Mumen Rider isn't powerful he is dedicated and passionate as a hero and thats the great thing about the character, he knows he has no chance in hell but its his job to protect everyone and thats exactly what he will try to do. Luckily Saitama comes in and saves the day once again, who of course takes out The Deep Sea King in one punch! After the great fights this episode and the last i was rather disappointed with how it all ended, even though i knew it was going to happen, its too easy for Saitama!
Justice Crash!
The second half of the episode focuses on the aftermath of The Deep Sea King, Saitama finally gets a piece of fan mail thanking him for saving everyone, which was nice, and you could see Saitama was happy getting some even though he say he doesn't care what the civilians think. We get a flashback to straight after the defeat of The Deep Sea King, With the civilians watching and completely shocked that a class C hero could destroy The Deep Sea King in one punch, Saitama being Saitama claims that he got a lucky punch thanks to all the other Heroes fighting with The Deep Sea King before hand, it annoys be but also makes me gain more respect for Saitama for the fact that he wouldn't take the success of defeating the villain, just to make the other heroes look good, it shows how selfless Saitama is.
Later on in the day Saitama bumps into Mumen Rider and remembers him, which is a great touch, because they've shown before that Saitama doesn't remember anyone, so Saitama clearly respects Mumen Rider.

While not as good as the last episode, "Unyielding Justice" was still a great episode of One Punch Man. With 3 episodes left hopefully we will get someone that Saitama won't be able to takedown with One punch!

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