Saturday, 28 November 2015

Review - Doctor Who: "Heaven Sent"

On this week's incredible episode of Doctor Who, The Doctor is trapped inside a castle in the middle of
an ocean while dealing with Clara's death. 
What an amazing episode of Doctor Who, after last week's events ending with Clara's death and The Doctor getting teleported somewhere, we knew that we were in for an episode where The Doctor will face his demons and come to the terms of Clara's death, but we got so much more in this episode.

In "Heaven Sent" we follow The Doctor in a new surrounding, he doesn't know where he is and being followed by a creepy, slow, cloaked alien who craved confessions, the castle he is in moves randomly and has dozens and dozens of rooms that seem to reset at a certain hour.  It was fascinating to watch The Doctor understand what was happening around him and piecing it all together, with no companion, The Doctor went into his almost Sherlock like, Mind Palace, which for him was the T.A.R.D.I.S. to answer all the questions that he had, while in his mind palace he would ask Clara for help, who was still there, showing that he hasn't let go of her yet, being inside The Doctor's head showed us a new side to him that we haven't seen before, showing how much he depends on Clara, more than himself it seems. 
The execution of the episode was perfect, when the penny finally drops near the end of the episode everything comes together for the audience, the repeating scenes of The Doctor doing the sequences over and over again for a billion years (meaning he was grieving for Clara for all that time) were surprisingly emotional, with him coming close to dying every-time before he resets everything again and the ending revealing that he has finally found Gallifrey and that HE is the hybrid was a brilliant payoff and makes me so excited for the finale next week. 

This episode wouldn't work without Capaldi's brilliant performance, Capaldi is singly carrying this episode and he was as great as he always is, this season has really defined this version of The Doctor and has easily become my favourite Doctor. The cameo Clara has in the episode was very special and worked well because i thought we had seen the last of her, but in this episode it seemed like her true farewell.
Clara and The Doctor in "Heaven Sent"
"Heaven Sent" is one of the greatest episodes of Doctor Who I have ever seen, with an incredible, confusing storyline and an emotion performance from Capaldi, this episode will go down as one of the greats.

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