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Review - One Punch Man: "The Terrifying City" + "The Ultimate Disciple"

"The Terrifying City" is another hilarious episode of One Punch Man, focusing on a terrifying villain  that really increased the drama this time around.
The first part of this episode was rather comedic, with Saitama needing to perform a heroic duty in the next 24 hours otherwise he will be kicked out of the Hero Association, of course things never go simply for Saitama and he bumps into Tank Top Tiger, a fellow C-Rank, but a lot higher up than Saitama is, Tank Top is trying to get into a fight with Saitama, when Sonic comes in a takes Tank Top out with an exploding shuriken. Sonic tries to intimidate Saitama into a fight, but Saitama of course doesn't take it seriously leading to Sonic destroying the city trying to annoying Saitama, which works, but not to Sonic's advantage because Saitama karate chops him in the shoulder and is out for the count! I'm loving Sonic and Saitama's rivalry, especially because Saitama doesn't know its a rivalry! 
Saitama about to karate chop Sonic!
The second part of the episode is focused on two new characters, Golden Ball and Spring Mustache, both A Class heroes going after a rumoured villain in Z-City,  they find a really intimidating monster, covered in seaweed, called Kombu Infinity, Kombu is a very well designed villain, the voice they used in the episode for It was like a little boy's voice which made it even more creepy, Kombu easily dispatches Golden Ball, Spring Mustache tries to put up a fight and does a good job, using his cool extending sword to attack Kombu, but it doesn't work and also gets defeated, Kombu walks away from the fight and spies a civilian walking down the street.... But its Saitama! Walking back from the shops. The scene cuts to Saitama at home cooking seaweed, implying he easily took out Kombu, which was a brilliant way to show that, knowing he could defeat anyone.

"The Ultimate Disciple" is one of the best episodes of One Punch Man yet, with the biggest problem Z-City has ever faced, a giant meteor that is crashing down to Earth!
At the start of the episode all S-Rank heroes are called to Z-City'S hero branch to help with a Dragon Level problem, Only Genos and other hero arrive, Bang, an old karate master, in 35 minutes a meteor will hit Earth, Genos goes to stop the meteor and test out his new prototype, before he can test it though, another hero arrives Bofoi, who has only come to test his new weapon and doesn't care if the city is destroyed, which is surprising for a hero to think. Bofoi's missiles don't work and he leaves, which lets Genos try out his prototype, in a incredibly animated scene, machinery flies onto Geno's arms and he delivers a huge blast to the meteor, which once again does nothing! Until the main man, Saitama shows up and punches straight through it!
Genos testing out his prototype!
All isn't well after Saitama has destroyed the meteor though, because the destruction left from the shattered meteor has still destroyed a lot of Z-City. Surprisingly for Saitama his rank has climbed up to Position 5, Class C, he moved up about 300 places! Amazingly Saitama doesn't feel like he should've gone up that much for destroying the meteor showing how selfless he is.
Saitama is patrolling Z-City and is found by Tank Top Tiger and his brother, Tank Top Black Hole (so imaginably named!) who shouts abuse at him for destroying the city, the civilians around them all agree, until Saitama shouts a speech at everyone saying why he saves peoples lives, which was great and once again shows how much Saitama cares for his city.

"The Terrifying City" and "The Ultimate Disciple" were both great episodes of this fantastic show, with one episodes focusing on a scary villain and another focusing on a potentially City destroying meteor, these were some of the most exciting episodes yet.

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