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Review - Doctor Who: "Face The Raven"

"Everything you are going to say i already know"

In "Face The Raven" The Doctor and Clara bump into a familiar face and i weep like a little boy.

Everyone knew Clara (Coleman) was leaving Doctor Who this season, but i was surprised that it was
in this episode and not the finale, i thankfully the episode didn't rely on Clara's goodbye, it had a good story in the centre of it.

The story begins with Rigsy, from last year's "Flatline" episode, who has a mysterious tattoo on his neck which is counting down, who do you phone when something crazy like that happens? The Doctor of course! Rigsy, Clara and The Doctor need to retrace Rigsy's day which he has forgotten and the gang learn about trap streets, streets which are on maps but are fake, when they finally find one they run into Ashildr! Yes, Maisie Williams was also back in this episode which was an awesome surprise, we find out that since the last time she met with The Doctor, she has created refugee camps in these hidden streets, but things seem very suspicious.
The tattoo on Rigsy is linked to a Crow controlled by Ashildr which takes the life of the person when their time has run out, but you can willingly give away your death countdown to someone else, which Clara willingly takes, this whole season Clara has been not thinking rationally and risking her life and this was the biggest one yet.

Clara's Goodbye
But the big plot twist comes when we learn that Ashildr is being blackmailed by some mysterious persons to teleport The Doctor somewhere while trapping his T.A.R.D.I.S. so he can't escape, which successfully happens. To make things even worse the gang couldn't stop the death countdown, leaving Clara to die. Her last moments were brilliant and had me with tears in my eye, the two things that made this scene work so well were the writing and the performances, Clara being selfless in her last words and telling the Doctor to not go for revenge was brilliant, The Doctor is going to be so fragile without her and he really needed her words of encouragement. Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman were the best they've ever been in this scene, both reining it in and just being emotional and revealing, truly showing their chemistry and how long they've been together.
Even though we saw Clara die, A small part of me thinks that she'll pop up again one more time before the season ends.
R.I.P. Clara Oswald

I'm guessing the people that Ashildr were working with are Missy and the Daleks, working together since the start of this season, especially because Ashildr asks for his confession dial, his last will and testament which is what Missy received in the season opener.

Also this episode marks the second time  Clara has commented on frolicking about with Jane Austen, hint at some lesbian activities?...  a man can wish. 

"Face The Raven" was a brilliant episode of Doctor Who that says goodbye to the longest running companion to the Doctor, Clara Oswald, played wonderfully by Jenna Coleman, this episode was a great sendoff for her character and also had a very good story around it.

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