Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Review - One Punch Man: "The Deep Sea King"

In this week's episode of One Punch Man, The heroes face their biggest challenge yet.
"The Deep Sea King" is the best episode of One Punch Man yet, thanks to the most intimidating villain yet and awesome fights throughout the episode.

This whole episode was epic, right from the start, there was no build-up, Sea monsters were destroying City J and the episode was off, the best thing about the about were the amount of fights that happened and the amount of heroes featured in the episode, the episode is set in City J which is far away from City Z where Saitama is, which means there was no easy defeat in this fight, especially when the big villain The Deep Sea King, is an absolute monster, he completely made the episode and made me jump at one point when he quickly appears behind a hero.

The Sea King creeping!
The Sea King defeats many heroes, my favourite part of the episode was when Pri-Pri-Prisoner and Sonic The Ninja appeared, they escaped from prison and went straight to fight the Sea King! Pri-Pri-Prisoner is a S Class hero, so of course he was incredibly powerful and he was the first one to actually damage The Sea King which was really cool to see, the annoying thing about Pri-Pri-Prisoner is how he is just a completely stereotypical gay character and it is actually slightly offensive, it seems like he is being made a joke of for being gay which is a shame and i thought the show was better than that.
My absolute favourite part of the episode though was when Sonic decided to take on The Sea King and was dodging The Sea King's attacks so easily! It showed how quick Sonic really is, i was very impressed, especially because the only thing we've seen of Sonic is him getting owned by Saitama. That is until The Sea King gets even more powerful though thanks to the rain giving him a power-up, which made him even stronger and bigger, he was huge, so Sonic disappeared from the fight.
Sonic dodging The Deep Sea King!
While all of this mayhem is happening Saitama, Genos and Mumen Rider are all traveling to fight The Deep Sea King, by the end of the episode The Deep Sea King has defeated all of the heroes that have gone up against him and is about to attack a big group of civilians hiding in a building luckily Genos turns up at the last second.

This was my favourite episode yet, i cannot wait for the next episode to see if Genos can square up to The Deep Sea King!

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