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Review - Doctor Who: "Hell Bent"

In the season finale of Doctor Who, The Doctor is back in Gallifrey wreaking havoc and meets a cute girl in a diner. 
What a surprising episode of Doctor Who! In "Hell Bent" with the Doctor back on Gallifrey after spending 4.5 BILLION years in his confession dial, is back with an ulterior motive, he wants to save Clara! Which was brilliant because i was finding the Gallifrey stuff rather tedious.

My knowledge on the old Who lore isn't great so i wasn't picking up a lot of info about the time-war accept what we saw in the 50th Anniversary. The episode was really all about the Doctor and Clara saying goodbye for the last time, which also led to the reveal of who the Hybrid was, we find out over a conversation with Ashildr, who is witnessing the end of the world, the Hybrid is The Doctor and Clara together, which makes sense, after what he does at the start of the episode, which is my favourite thing about the Doctor his love for his companion, in this case Clara, he would kill a Gallifrey soldier, he would break all the rules and nearly make a crack in the universe to save her, which is why he is such an awesome character. 

The Doctor and Clara's goodbye was once again heartbreaking, just as it was when Clara died in "Face The Raven" and in a welcome twist The Doctor forgot about Clara, not the other way around like what happen with Donna seasons ago.
Which made sense for the intercutting scenes of The Doctor talking to a waitress in a diner (the diner from "The Impossible Astronaut"), who is Clara, but The Doctor cannot recognise her, which is so sad, almost shakespearian. Clara's sendoff was very fitting with her and Ashildr going off for their own adventures in their own T.A.R.D.I.S. everyone has said how Clara is basically a female doctor and now she has her own T.A.R.D.I.S. and companion for her own adventures.

I was very surprised to find no Missy in the episode, i thought she was going to have a bigger part in this season, not just the 2 part opener that she was in, which is a shame because she is a fantastic character that needs to be in the series more!

"Hell Bent" was a great finale that tricked us with the big Gallifrey reveal to be another story about The Doctor and Clara, we finally found out what the Hybrid is and got a lovely send-off for Clara and Ashildr?
With The Doctor on his own again, with his velvet coat and new sonic screwdriver he is ready for a new adventure, which will be a christmas themed one! I cannot wait.


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