Sunday, 20 December 2015

Review - One Punch Man - Season Finale : "The Strongest Hero"

In the season finale of One Punch Man, Saitama and Boros start the fight to end all fights while Genos gets an interesting warning.
"The Strongest Hero" is the last episode of season 1 and it ended with a fantastic fight and hints at what is to come.

The episode kicks off in the best way possible, Saitama and Boros duking it out in an insane bout that rivals anything in Dragon Ball Z, it was truly epic. BOROS HITS SAITAMA ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON!!! I was on the edge of my seat for the whole fight, the genius thing about this series is the fact that Saitama always defeats his enemies with one punch and Boros is the first enemy we've seen him face that is actually giving him a challenge which is awesome to see. I really like how they played the opening theme during the fight, it made the fight feel even more intense and exciting. Saitama finally ends the fight with his "Serious Punch" which easily defeats Boros. I really thought Saitama was going all out in the fight, but he wasn't at all! I can't even imagine his full power, it must be absolutely insane.

While Saitama and Boros' fight was going on inside the spaceship, the S-Class heroes were fighting Melzagald still, only needing to destroy one more of his hearts before he is finally defeated, Atomic Samurai was awesome in the fight, he was slicing and dicing Melzagald easily, thankfully Bang was also revealed as alive and took the heart and destroyed it, which was a badass scene.

One of the most intriguing parts of the episode was when S Class rank 9 hero Drive Knight went to Genos to warn him about Metal Knight and told him that he cannot be trusted, we saw Metal Knight earlier in the series when the meteor was falling and instead of trying to destroy the meteor he just went to test out his new missiles, so we knew that he wasn't a pure of heart hero like Genos, but now it seems like he might secretly be bad, after the fights end, Metal Knight (who didn't come to help against the alien spaceship) comes to retrieve alien parts for new weaponry which is rather concerning, thinking what he might do with them.

Another interesting dialogue scene came when Amai Mask comes to look at the aftermath of the battle and tells the S Class heroes how terrible they are at their job that they couldn't protect the city, he then decapitates the aliens that the heroes captured, because he says there evil. This guy is EVIL! I think he may be the ultimate bad guy at the end of the series, he's obviously strong because he decapitated the aliens with just his hand! We also find out that he stays at A Class Rank 1 and doesn't move up to S Class because he doesn't want anyone not deserving of S Class to get in, i wonder if he went to S Class what rank he'd be, i reckon it would be pretty high!

The funniest scene of the episode comes at the end when Tornado rants at Saitama and Genos, leading to Genos calling her "spoiled brat" which makes her throw him into a wall, which was hilarious, I think Tornado also realises in this episode how strong Saitama really is, learning that he took out Boros.

I really liked how fast paced this episode was, fitting in two fights, some thoughtful scenes that hint at the series future and some laugh out loud funny moments, i hope this show comes back for a season 2 because its one of the best anime series i've seen recently

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  1. It's whooping 10/10!!!!
    Man, that Serious Punch was not even serious at all! haha I love the animation of OnePunchMan. Waiting for season 2 @_@

    1. Unfortunately i think we'll be waiting a while!

    2. I would wait even if it wud take ages!
      This is among the few ANimes that gave justice to the manga :)