Monday, 17 August 2015

Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Birth"

In this week's episode of Gangsta, Worwick is having nightmares about his past, Nic has healed after his fight with Doug and the Twilight hunt is continuing.

A LOT of things happened in this episode, tons of information to process, lets talk about it in order.
The flashbacks are continuing from last episode, the episode opens with a doctor telling Worwick that Nic is dying and needs celebrer to survive, but the doctor tells Worwick that he isn't worth it, but Worwick doesn't listen to the doctor because he cares about Nic.

Nicolas is all healed and recovered from his fight with Doug and so is Doug himself, we find out that Doug is actually 20 years old! (he looks 10!) and is from another place called South Gate, outside Ergastulum, this is the first time we've heard about any other location than Ergastulum which is interesting, hopefully we will see that location at some point.

We get another flashback, that has Nicolas' dad leaving his guard job because Worwick paid them off and says to Nic that he will look after him from now on, this was very sweet and i like the companionship between these two, even from such a young age.

Back to the present again and we are shown the leaders of the four families discussing the recent twilight murders that Worwick was helping Chad with several episodes ago, the Twilights dying are in the four families so they need this resolved, Monroe says that a Twilight is the one hunting them down from the injuries to the bodies and that maybe none of them are conducting it and its an outside force could be in play. I wasn't paying too much attention to this plot when Worwick and Chad were discussing it several episodes ago but i'm really interested in it now, especially the outside force component and that there might be a antagonist that we haven't seen yet.

In the flashback we find out how Worwick got the scar on his eye. His dad put out a cigarette in it... after finding Worwick with cigarettes, Nicolas is watching from outside and he comes in and kills Worwick's father for treating his son so badly! Nicolas then is about to commit suicide but Worwick doesn't let him because he just killed Worwick's father, Worwick wants him to suffer before he dies.

Young Worwick talking to Nic
This scene adds such a different aspect to Worwick and Nic's relationship and makes me wonder if Worwick likes Nic to this day, or is he just waiting for the right time to kill him?

There is a quick scene with Alex and Dr. Theo, to show that Alex is getting better after the hallucinations she was having. She leaves Dr. Theo's and Nicolas is waiting for her outside, they have some cute dialogue with each other and then walk home.

We are then shown two Twilights, Mikhail and Erica, its revealed that they are the Twilight hunters and have just killed another Twilight and then walk straight past Nicolas and Alex! Nicolas gives a little smirk, so i wonder if he knows them or knows that he is their next target? Hopefully all will be revealed next episode!

This episode was jam packed with story progression and information, the Worwick/Nic flashback ended with a bang and has completely changed my look at their relationship

What did you think of "Birth"?
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