Monday, 10 August 2015

Review - Dragon Ball Super: Episode 5

In this week's episode we finally get the fight we were hoping for Goku vs Beerus! But can Goku defeat the God of Destruction?

Dragon Ball Z was known for its epic fight scenes that would take up episodes at a time, and 5 episodes in we hadn't had a big fight yet, everyone was readily anticipating this fight between Goku and Beerus and unfortunately it was a real disappointment thanks to the terrible animation during the fighting, that looked like the animators just gave up halfway through animating.
The story progression through the episode was very good though, Beerus and Goku meet and Goku gets introduced to the idea of a Super Saiyan God.
The fight between them was interesting because it wasn't a typical good vs evil fight, Goku simply wanted to gague Beerus' power.
Beerus' power was overwhelming and Goku could not keep up, it was great to see Goku going super Saiyan, 2 and 3 while Beerus didn't even sweat it, he was defending against Goku's attacks with 1 finger! And in the end Beerus takes out Goku with two hits, a flick to the forehead and a pat on the shoulder, showing how much more powerful he truly is, which I loved. Beerus is quickly becoming one of my favourite characters in the show, especially his little jokes at the start of the episode when he was talking to King Kai and sizing Goku up.

When Beerus and Whis leave to go to Earth to see if Vegeta knows anything about the Suoer Saiyan God, King Kai warns Vegeta to not infuriate Beerus otherwise he could destroy the whole of Earth, being at Bulna's party this could prove a big worry in future episodes.

Super Saiyan Goku fighting Beerus
This episode could of been amazing but unfortunately the animation truly lets it down and seeing as most of the episode is fighting its incredibly disappointing, which I was worried about going in, the animation studio behind this is known for its lackluster animation with other shows like One Piece and Toriko, I hope they take care with their animation more otherwise it'll really start to ruin the show for me.

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