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Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Siblings"

Wow. Once again Gangsta delivers in a big way, "Siblings" was a fantastic episode, featuring some
great fights, revelations and plot twists. It also has the theme of "Siblings" running throughout the episode.

"Siblings" continues straight after last week's episode with Alex just finishing her song in Loretta's club, Bastard, while Nic and Worwick finished escorting everyone into Bastard.

One of Monroe's subordinates, Ivan, who we find out is later working for the Corsica family, gives Loretta a package from Monroe, but he is really there because he has been blackmailing a Twilight, by taking his daughter, this Twilight is also in the club and Ivan shows him an ear, which makes the Twilight attacks random people in the club, he then goes for Loretta but is taken out by her Twilight bodyguard, Galahad. Then other Twilight's in the club start attacking Galahad and luckily Marco comes in and dispatches all of them. This whole plan was very surprising to me at first, not knowing that Ivan is working for anyone except Monroe, plus the whole plan seems very complicated having lots of Twilight's in the club ready to ambush.

Loretta questions the first Twilight that attacked, asks him who he is working for, but before he can say anything Mikhail kills him, the young Twilight boy that we have seen in several other episodes killing fellow Twilights, all the Twilight's in the bar flee out of the bar, Ivan walks past Erica and tells her to kill all the fleeing Twilights.
Galahad and Mikhail have a really cool fight, i was really surprised at how powerful Mikhail was, his appearance makes you think he won't be a challenge but he is really a formidable fighter, he also makes a big deal out of all the Twilight dog-tags he has collected which makes him looks really crazy. Mikhail is about to strike Galahad and once again Marco comes in and helps him and takes all of his dog-tags from him, the two fight Mikhail and have the drop on him, Marco's wrist wires weapons are awesome and he traps Mikhail in them, until Erica comes in and cuts him out of the wires.

Worwick finds out that there are problems at 'Bastard' and lights a flare, back in the club, Galahad and Marco are getting beaten when going up one by one with the two enemy Twilight's, we find out that Marco isn't a Twilight, which is strange because i just assumed he must of been, but obviously not now! Marco is about to get cut down but Loretta shoots at Mikhail and Erica and they have to deflect them, Erica attacks Loretta, who is saved by Alex, Erica then goes to kill Alex but Nic saves the day!
Nicolas starts to fight both of the enemy Twilight's while Loretta, Alex, Galahad and Marco escape.
Galahad calls Nic a 'faker' and explains to Alex that Nicolas isn't as strong as we think he is, Nic wears a A/0 tag but really he is a B/5 at best, he uses Celebrer when fighting and thats when his power level spikes. The cool thing about this is it once again changes how we look at Nic, i thought that he was incredibly powerful, but now i'm not too sure.
Nic is about to stab Erica, but pauses when he mistakes her for Delico, who is a Twilight that works for Monroe, he releases it's his sister Erica. Another interesting revelation that no one was expecting!
Nic attacking Erica in "Siblings"
Worwick is running back to 'Bastard' and sees a celebrer box empty on the floor and realises that Nic has once again overdosed, he sees someone fighting Nic and thinks that is Delico but then realises that its Erica, its interesting that both Nic and Worwick know Erica.
Nic is having a tough time fighting both Mikhail and Erica, Erica stabs Nic and is about to deal the finishing blow but luckily Ginger and Doug comes to the rescue and easily pins Erica down, while Doug stops Mikhail. This is the second time that Ginger has come in and broke up a fight and she is incredibly powerful to easily handle Erica like that, i want to find out more about her!

The police are outside the club and are about to charge in until Mikhail and Erica escape the building unexpectedly.
Ivan tells Uranos, the leader of the Corsica family of the events that happened at 'Bastard', then a mysterious man enters and is asked by Uranos if he has found his sister, to which he replies no, Uranos introduces him as Emilio Benedetto (ALEX'S BROTHER!!!!)... and welcomes him to Ergastulum and The Destroyers.
What a great end to the episode, we find out that Corsica is rising up against the other families, that he has another gang called The Destroyers and that Alex's brother is a part of them. Such a great episode, i'm really looking forward to finding out all the new questions this episode asked, because thats all this show does, give us more things to question!

Alex's Brother Emilio in "Siblings"
"Siblings" had a strong theme to it with Alex/Emilio and Erica/Delico, it also had some great fights, more revelations about Nic and Uranos Corsia.

What did you think of "Siblings"?
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