Sunday, 9 August 2015

Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Thorn"

In this weeks episode of Gangsta, Monroe deals with the aftermath of the gang war, Nicolas is still getting patched up, we see a lot more of Worwick and Nicolas' youth and Worwick tries to help Alex with her illusions.

The first half of the episode is mostly about the aftermath of the gang war that has been happening, Monroe tells Delico to properly treat his wounds and not to pretend he is okay after his fight with Doug, this was a nice, touching scene and shows how Monroe truly cares for his subordinates, even one of the his crew remarks that he is becoming to nice. We also find out from Worwick questioning a Corsica underling that the Corsica family is trying to kill Monroe and disturb the peace, i don't know why the Corsica family wants to create chaos, hopefully it'll be explained soon.

Nicolas was still healing up this episode after his fight with Doug leading to several flashbacks about when Worwick and Nicolas became friends, these parts were my favourtie bits of the episode, we find out a lot of information that had been hinted at in previous episodes. We are introduced to Nicolas' father, Gaston Brown, a horrible man that slept with a prostitute to produce Nic and then killed the mother for an unknown reason, he also beats Nic, as does Worwick's father we see this episode and they bond over that, Worwick also teaches Nic how to read and write and how to use sign language, the whole flashback was really interesting to see these two bond and also hints at Worwick asking Nic to kill his parents, we didn't know how horrible they were before and maybe Nic will do it as a favour to Worwick?

Young Worwick and Nicolas in "Thorn" 
The last part of this episode was surprisingly emotional, we find out who the person was that entered the Benriya's office from last week, it was Dr. Theo, he tells Worwick that Alex attacked him when he came in and that she is seeing visions of Barry, Theo says that Barry would give her drugs that would keep her obedient and that it is a side effect from that. But when Worwick confronts Alex, she thinks he is Barry and starts to kiss him and tries to perform a blowjob on him, Worwick grabs her face and shouts at her that he isn't Barry, that he killed him. This whole scene was done incredibly, it was beautifully animated with the two of them in the rain and it was incredibly heartfelt with the voice acting, it may of been the best done scene so far in the series.

"Thorn" was a good episode that slows things down to show us the aftermath of the last few episodes, we got a lot of important information and lots of great character interactions.


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