Sunday, 2 August 2015

Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Sanctions"

In this week's episode of Gangsta, the fight continues between Nicolas and Doug, we learn a lot more about the Three Laws and Alex is fighting her demons.

Most of this episode revolved around Nicolas and Doug's fight and what an awesome fight it was, Doug's underhand tactics versus Nicolas overdosed on Celebre (which is a drug that increases a Twilight's durability). It was really cool to see someone on Nicolas' level because all the fights he had up until now he easily defeated, but Doug seemed like a good match for him.
There was some comic relief during the fight with Monroe betting on who would win the fight with his men.
Monroe also mentions something that happen in the past when a young C/3 level Twilight foolishly attacked the Monroe family, including two B level Twilights all by himself. It is hinted that it was Nicolas that did the attack, which is rather interesting and leaves me with several questions; Why would Monroe be friendly with him now then? How did he become an Level A if used to be a Level C? Can you continue getting stronger and stronger as a Twilight? I hope we get some clear answers!

Nicolas fighting Doug
We did get some answers in this episode though, last episode they mentioned the 'Three Laws' and i was very curious of what they were. But before that we're introduced two new characters that interrupt Nic and Doug's fight, when Nic was about to give the final blow to Doug, another Twilight called Ginger saves Doug, she was especially fast and looks like another good character, then we are introduced to the woman who controls all of the Twilights it seems, Gina, who is a giant of a woman who towers over Nicolas, and explains the 'Three Laws' for the audience; 1. Twilights must not intentionally hurt humans. 2. Twilights must obey orders directed to them by humans, unless it is to harm other humans. 3. If it doesn't conflict with the other two rules, Twilights must defend oneself.
These rules are surprising in the fact that it makes Twilight's sound like slaves, i know they were treated as second class citizens but not this bad.
After Gina and Ginger resolve the situation, it is left to Worwick to support Nic home, it is shown that Doug was also left there, so Worwick also takes him to Dr. Theo's.
Gina in Gangsta
Just like last week, Alex is in the office and still seeing visions of her ex-pimp Barry, she freaks out and actually doubts herself on if its a vision, then she hears someone coming up the stairs, and the door opens but we don't see who it is. Worwick then phones the office and no-one picks up, Alex is gone. My big question here is did she imagine someone coming up the stairs or has someone actually taken her? and who? I can't think of anyone that would want her. I guess we will find out next week!

This week's episode of Gangsta featured a thrilling fight and a lot more information about the world and how Twilight's fit into it. 

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