Monday, 24 August 2015

Recap & Review - Gangsta: "Evening Dress"

In this week's episode of Gangsta called "Evening Dress" Worwick, Nicolas and Alex go to a fancy soiree, we are introduced to even more characters and the anti-twilights are making themselves known.

The episode starts with Chad finding the dead body of the Twilight who was killed at the end of the last episode, Chad and his assistant summarize that it must be anti-twilights killing the Twilights, which is prominent throughout the episode.
Then we go to the Handymen fixing a shop owned by Connie, who was a funny character.Worwick invites Alex to a fancy soiree by the Christiano family, which is very cute and it'll be something completely new for someone like Alex. Connie makes Alex have a break from working and sits down with her, Connie asks if Alex has any family and surprisingly Alex "thinks" she has a brother, but isn't certain about it, somehow she has totally forgotten about him which is very strange. Worwick thinks that it is a side effect of the medication Alex is using to stop having her terrible hallucinations.
But she is still having her hallucinations and once again sees Barry dead on the floor, Alex starts freaking out and Nic comes up behind her and comforts her until she calms down, this was a great moment for Nic, who tends to hide his niceness and always be manly, it was nice to see another side of him.

Throughout the episode they keep cutting to a mysterious hooded figure, in my mind that is Alex's brother, only because he appears straight after we learn Alex has a brother, hopefully we'll find out who he is soon.
Loretta Christiano in "Evening Dress"

Worwick and Alex arrive at the Christiano family's soiree and Alex looks incredible, we get properly introduced to Loretta Christiano, we've seen her several times  before but the characters explain who she is so i know understand who she is, we also find out what each of the four guilds do that run Ergastulum; The Pauklee Guild run by Gina Pauklee, the woman who broke up the Doug/Nic fight a few episodes ago, Pauklee dispatches mercenary Twilights for jobs, The Corsica family handles weapons and vice, The Monroe family facilitates assistance and business for twilights not affiliated with the guild and The Christiano family run by Loretta deals with supply routes for Celebrer, which Twilights need to survive. It was great to get all this information to finally understand how everything works in Ergastulum.

Loretta's bodyguard Marco Adriano interrupts them, Marco is also a Twilight with a huge scar across his face, we find out that Worwick and Nic are actually at the soiree for a job, they are trying to escort Twilights to the soiree for safety, because it is dangerous on the streets because of the anti-twilights causing all of these Twilight murders. Alex finds out that the whole soiree is filled with Twilights and its serving as a refuge for the Twilights.
One of Loretta's henchman hears Alex singing to herself and offers her a job singing at the party, which was Worwick intention in taking her there, did i mention Alex looks incredible?
Alex singing in "Evening Dress"
Worwick and Nic save a Twilight woman and her child from getting pummeled to death by anti-twilights.

Alex starts singing a song from her childhood on stage, while she is singing, we cut to several different scenes, the hooded guy who appeared this episode tries to get into the soiree but isn't allowed (Maybe because he hears Alex singing), we also see Nic fighting the anti-twilights and Worwick escorting the Twilights to safety, while singing the song, Alex remembers singing the song to her brother when they were children. This whole scene was incredible, cutting to different scenes while Alex sings such an emotional song made the stakes feel higher and more dramatic, great direction.
Alex looking fineeeeee in "Evening Dress"

Right at the end of the episode Erica and Mikhail watching the commotion from a rooftop and state that they need to start some more bloodshed rather than letting the lackies do it. Which makes me wonder if we'll see a fight between them and Nic next episode? That would be awesome!

This episode was also really funny throughout, with lots of boob jokes at Alex's expense.

"Evening Dress" is one of Gangsta's best episodes yet, it was packed full of information, had some very funny and lovely moments and incredible direction, especially with the last main scene of the episode, once again i cannot wait for next episode.

What did you think of "Evening Dress"?
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